04 04 2022

Dover Street Market Ginza
Masahiro Harada + MAO

Perhaps our intention was to create a multi-layered horizon.


The Shihara Lab flagship store in Jingumae was designed with the concept of transparent simple theory, and the Shihara Osaka store in Minamihorie was created as an eternally immutable timeless place. Now, the third Shihara space has opened in Dover Street Market Ginza.


Shihara touches the essence of the matter in a unique yet familiar way as if the pieces had somehow always existed on this planet, quietly waiting to be found. I imagined the joy of uncovering the collection of small refinements as if I were picking beautiful stones as I wandered across the earth or unexpectedly found something precious on a journey.


In the space, we installed a two-meter high stark white jewelry case that resembles a specimen shelf. We placed the white drawers as an interactive fixture in a tranquil corner. One can experience the thrill of discovering the purity of Shihara here in the city at Dover Street Market Ginza.


Tiny, beautiful jewels all line up on an edgeless horizon. Feel a sense of anticipation, revelation, and observation as you pull open the drawers filled with the world of Shihara.