05 18 2022

Tokyo Japan
Yuta Ishihara

I finally found the space I’d been searching for. This is the beginning of our new store and our next chapter. Light flows through the large glass windows facing the generously sized courtyard. I want to get to know a place before opening a store. The people walking on the streets, the sounds of the space. The way the light shines through. The way the wind travels through the space.


I set up a simple set of tables and decided to have brunch on the empty site. There is no kitchen or running water, so I served some bread I baked at home, along with carrot rapé, quiche, ham, and cheese. A quick and simple restaurant in the empty space, where I invited the architects from Mount Fuji Architects Studio. Mao and Masahiro Harada designed this very building, and they too had a chance to see the exposed site for the first time since its completion. We had a great time. Many discoveries were made.


I think of jewelry as a vessel for emotions, deeply attached to a person’s life or milestones, acting as a pledge, a talisman, or simply bringing joy to the wearer. There is often a reason for purchasing jewelry. The experience of selecting jewelry — the season, weather, smell, and the people you encounter — becomes memories and feelings associated with the jewelry itself. My hope is to create a special moment in time for those who visit.