08 12 2021

London, UK
Simone Gooch

I felt a sense of creative freedom when I moved from Sydney to London in 2015 — I experimented with this feeling and my work evolved and changed. I think your environment has an influence on your work for so many reasons.


Most mornings start with a visit to the New Covent Garden Market. I arrive between 4 and 5 AM to source flowers based on their quality and beauty, and I then return to my studio in South Kensington to prepare and condition the flowers. Following the philosophy of less is more, with a strong focus on quality and attention to detail, my work is informed by what I find at the flower market.


My inspirations are primarily nature and flowers, and I have a huge appreciation for visual arts and interior spaces. Flowers enhance any space, with interesting vessels and consideration of design and placement. I always have a flower to two at home — something simple. I like to have nature around me, always.