08 29 2023

Yamanashi, Japan

Shihara’s 3D Collection Earrings illuminate the essence of design functionality, emerging from the core belief that by paring away decorative embellishments, the true essence of jewelry’s utilitarian components is unveiled.

Conceptualized by Yuta Ishihara even prior to the establishment of the Shihara brand, this collection stands as a testament to his visionary prowess. Each piece in the collection seamlessly integrates the post as an intrinsic part of its three-dimensional design and consists of three distinctive geometric shapes: triangle, square, and rectangle. The pavé diamond set variation imbues the collection with an extra layer of opulence.

Central to this collection is the ingeniously designed side post, adeptly engineered to open and close, providing the vital point of connection to the wearer’s pierced ear. Achieving this functional design demands meticulous structural integrity, a feat that is painstakingly realized through the hands of the craftsmen in Yamanashi.



Setting 0.7mm diameter pavé diamonds. Employing the precision of a microscope and a delicate, needle-like chisel, these diamond settings that are imperceptible to the unaided eye are meticulously secured in place.



An intricate polishing process commences, guided by an array of specialized heads that eradicate superfluous elements from the surface.



The post undergoes a soldering process, fine-tuned by the hands of skilled artisans.



Final polishing touches unveil the earrings’ finest nuances.