10 20 2022

Tokyo, Japan
Yuta Ishihara

Shihara Tokyo opened on September 1, 2022.


Shihara Tokyo faces a large courtyard filled with greenery, making you almost forget it’s in central Aoyama. We added concrete tile flooring in the store so that the outdoor and indoor spaces become seamlessly continuous. In the center of the store, the jewelry is neatly placed in the fixutre completed with an 8-meter long single pane of glass, appearing as if they were floating from a distance.


Shihara’s jewelry is often described as simple and minimalist. Perhaps because of this, we are sometimes asked for jewelry that looks as if you are not wearing any jewelry. This is impossible as no matter how small or simple, a piece of jewlery is a foreign object to the body. But after the wearer spends some time wearing the “foreign object,” it becomes less and less foreign and more a part of them. One day, they will unintentionally leave their house without their jewelry and realize how it has become a part of them. It may be a small change that only you will notice. I hope we can help people take time to notice the small yet significant changes through their lives.