12 23 2022

Tokyo, Japan
Masahiro Harada + MAO

This is the fourth store we have designed for Shihara. We designed all previous spaces by the method of elimination based on Shihara’s philosophy. Conventionally, a store would consist of product displays surrounded by a store within a city, however, for Shihara Tokyo, we pushed the concept further by exposing the entire space to the surroundings. Products float in the center boxed in a glass wall as if they were a part of the city landscape. The space offsets the chaotic and turbulent world with clean sculptural glass windows against polished gold jewelry in the midst of rough textures such as concrete and asphalt. Shihara jewelry’s appeal lies in the contrast between the abstract and figurative levels. The relationship between the city and jewelry should be direct, without a store coming in between them.


We limited the use of materials to concrete slabs and cement that make up a city so that we could visually extend the urban space-like a courtyard enclosed by the L-shaped architecture. The minimal display fixtures were intended to be as invisible as possible with high-transparency glass and structural seals, using as little hardware as possible. As a result, the space straddles the interior and exterior, as if one side of the building were a crossroads of cul-de-sacs.


Coincidentally, this building was designed by our studio a decade ago. To acquire and distribute urban spaces in a city filled with buildings is the essence of design of the future. If the value of a brand is generated against the backdrop of the city, it would be appropriate to use the urban space itself as part of the experience, where one could feel and evaluate the relationship between products and the city. I believe this is a new way of creating a store.




3-12-13 Kita-Aoyama 1F, Minato, Tokyo