02 15 2021

Osma Harvilahti

I went to Sicily in November 2020 for a commercial documentary project with a good friend of mine, visual artist Aapo Nikkanen who I collaborated on the project with. It was easy to say yes to mountains and the sea, after many months of being cramped in a Paris apartment.


The atmosphere in Sicily was very relaxed, even there was a late-night curfew and restaurants were closed, which is a setback as a fan of Italian food, of course. We found our daily pizzetta’s (a snack-size pizza found in almost every street corner) anyhow.


Whenever I can have the mountains and the sea at the same time, it’s an opportunity for memorable times. In Sicily, I enjoy this kind of raw everything, raw in the most poetic way. I find the people quite charming and genuine in a way I can’t quite explain, to me the island feels very unpretentious. Even nature is kind of in your face, in the most raw and beautiful way.