03 31 2024

Tokyo, Japan

The Plate Ring, stripped down to its minimalist essence, is crafted with precision, guided solely by the artisan’s tactile intuition.



Shihara’s Plate Rings are crafted from 0.4mm thick metal sheets.

Each 18-karat gold sheet is meticulously shaped by hand.



Fine adjustments are made precisely, considering variances as small as 0.1mm, using careful filing techniques.

After adjustment, the seams are soldered together, ensuring a seamless connection on both sides.



The natural oxidations that form on the gold’s surface when heated are carefully removed with dilute sulfuric acid.

To achieve perfect circularity, the ring is delicately adjusted using a hammer against a core while maintaining tactile feedback.



The surface is smoothed based on the craftsman’s fingertip sensitivity.

Two finishes are available: polished and matte.



The inside of the ring is polished using a rotary tool.

Multiple types of polishing attachments are used depending on the surface finish.

The final step is polishing the ring surface.



The surface is polished evenly with the consistent pressure of the craftsman’s hands.

The 15mm Plate Ring is complete and is available in five different widths.